Monday, August 10, 2009

Dad Tips: Week 25

Another nugget of wisdom:

Offer to do the shopping. This may be an unsettling prospect for some men, but cell phones have made men better shoppers. Even if you don't shop solo, go with your partner to lift and carry her purchases.

Finally! Someone came out and said it! Women, you see...women love to shop. But MEN! Ho boy, do men not like to shop. It's true! It's funny because it's true!

But for these next 15 weeks, men, you must overcome your fear. Head out to the Super Market (it's the building across the street from the hardware store. With the food.) and hold you head high as you wade through the sea of women and children. You're still a man. I mean, it's not like your wife is at home using tools! Ha!


She isn't,, right? She wouldn't. But what if...You don't suppose she sent you out here to chose between the 14 different brands of Eggo's so she could spend alone time with your socket wrench? And you. You just went along with it. Trudging down the aisle with a shopping cart like some kind of homeless person while she's at home under the sink replacing a leaky elbow joint. For Christ sake, SHE MADE YOU BUY HER DEODORANT!

But then you take a deep breath and remember, it's only 15 more weeks. Soon enough she'll pop out that baby and not need your help anymore .

Just as long as she doesn't expect you to cook, too.

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